Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Countdown Begins


Let's break it down.

1. A number. #sorrylidaiitssummer #momathmoproblems
2. Pairs of underwear we will schlepping to Europe #morelike50
3. Antibiotic prescriptions Nikki Blake will have in her suitcase. #isthatlegal? #drugcartel
4. The time Sydney wakes up. NAHT. #morelike12 #we'releavingyouifyou'relate
5. The number of people who will make it to the bike tours. #hijulia
6. The amount of shopping bags Wylie will be taking home. #where'sallie? #where'sintermix?
7. Times Chuck calls the hotels to have a safety bar installed. #thejewel
8. Number of times Sammy says, "Let's put this on the blog!" #iwrotethisformyself
9. Instagrams Kate takes on the plane. #blackandwhitereallycapturesthemoment
10. Number of days til these crazy betches take Europe. #watchout #getoutwhileyoucan

Ten days seems like a long time, but with the amount of planning and packing we have to do we don't doubt that it will go by fast. If you're reading this in Europe, we suggest that you make plans to evacuate the continent. We will be starting in Amsterdam and making our way to Berlin, Prague, Barcelona, and Paris. It's going to be a wild ride, and hopefully we'll have wifi so we can assure our readers (our parents) that we are indeed still living.

Tan lines may fade, but memories last forever. No regrets. Let's do this.

Culturally yours,
Nikk*e and Samm*e

p.s. Go see Peter and the Star Catcher. EURO DISNEY!!!!!!!
It's us!
Euro Trash

 A Note from the Piddler 
Ladies, get excited because the Euro is very weak right now (#mathaward). What does that mean? Less bucks more croissants. (#justkiddingstephyk).